How to Change Time on Smartwatch

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Smartwatches have turned into a basic part of our lives. They give the present time as well as proposition many features, for example, fitness tracking, notification, and, surprisingly, universal installments. In any case, to completely participate in the advantages of your smartwatch, it’s important to know how to accurately change the time.

How to Change Time on Smartwatch

In this guide, we will you the most common way of changing the time on other smartwatch models. Whether you own an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch, we take care of you. Let’s start our journey on an expedition into the universe of smartwatch timekeeping.

Why Changing the Time Matters

Before we jump into the bare needs of changing the time on your smartwatch, how about we discuss the reason why it’s pivotal? Accurate timekeeping is essential to multiple factors:

Synchronization: It confirms your smartwatch is synchronized with your smartphone and different devices, forestalling any fever brought about by various time settings.

Notifications: Accurate confirms that you get notices brightly, keeping you updated on deals, and messages, from there, the sky is the limit.

Fitness Tracking: For fitness lovers, the exact time is basic for the following checking.sleep patterns, and heart rate monitoring.

Now, we should get everything rolling on the most professional method to change the time on your smartwatch.

How to Change the Time on Different Smartwatches

Apple Watch

Unlock Your Watch: To make changes to your Apple Watch settings, you’ll need to unlock it. You can do this by entering your passcode or using your paired iPhone.

Open the Settings App: Swipe down on your watch face and tap the “Settings” app, which looks like a gear icon.

Find “Time”: Scroll through the settings menu and select “Time.”

Adjust the Time: Tap “Set Naturally” to switch it off. You can now manually adjust the time by turning the digital crown.

Android Wear

Access the Settings: Swipe down from the top of the watch face to display the fast settings menu. Tap on the bag icon to access the settings.

Find “Date & Time”: Look down until you see “Date and Time” and tap on it.

Disable Automatic Time: Turn off the “Automatic time” option to manually set the time.

Set the Time: Now, you can set the time and date manually by tapping on the separate options.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Open the Settings: Press the home button to access the apps, and then open the “Settings” app.

Select “Watch Faces”: Look down to find and select “Watch Faces.”

Choose a New Face: Browse through the available watch looks and select one with the time format you choose.

Confirm the Change: Once you’ve selected a new watch face, confirm the change and the time will be updated accordingly.

How to Syncing Time Automatically with Your Smartphone

Most present-day smartwatches offer the option to adjust time consequently with your matched smartphone. These features confirm that your watch is always displaying the right time, if, when you travel, or when there’s a time change because of light saving time.

To empower programmed time matching up, follow these general advances:

Access the Settings: Open the settings menu on your smartwatch.

Find the “Time” or “Clock” Settings: Turning on your smartwatch’s interface, find the settings related to timekeeping.

Enable Automatic Time Sync: Look for an option like “Automatic Time Zone” or “Sync with Phone.” Turn this feature on.

Confirm and Save: Save the changes, and your smartwatch will now naturally adjust its experience with your smartphone. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the exact advances may vary depending on your smartwatch model and operating system. Indicate to your smartwatch’s user manual for detailed guidelines.

How to Solve Time-Syncing Issues

While smartwatches are designed to keep accurate time, issues may sometimes appear. Here are some solve tips for common time problems:

Check Your Smartphone’s Time: Confirm that your paired smartphone has the correct time. If your smartphone’s time is incorrect, it may impact your smartwatch’s time as well.

Enable Location Services: Some smartwatches depend on GPS and location services to set the time automatically. Make sure your watch has access to GPS and location information.

Restart Your Smartwatch: Sometimes, an easy restart can fix time-syncing issues. Restart your smartwatch and check if the time is fixed.

Update Your Smartwatch Software: Ancient programming can now and again fast matching-up issues. Check for programming reports on your smartwatch and install them if available.

Reset Network Settings: If your smartwatch experiences difficulty synchronizing with your smartphone, take a stab at resetting the network settings on the two devices and matching them once more.

Contact Customer Support: As a last resort, connect with the user customer support of your smartwatch for help.

Final Words

In the present fast-moving world, staying faithful is urgent, and your smartwatch plays a huge part in helping you accomplish that. By sticking to the step-by-step directions given in this guide, you can without much of a stretch change the time on your smartwatch, confirming that it stays exact and dependable.

Keep in mind, that each smartwatch model may have marginally different methods, so allude to your device’s user manual on the off chance that you experience any problems. make use of the automatic time syncing feature to keep your watch’s time updated effortlessly.


Do all smartwatches naturally update for sunlight-saving time?

Most present-day smartwatches have the option to update for light-saving time. Notwithstanding, you ought to look at the settings to ensure this part is empowered.

Can I physically set the time on my smartwatch?

Yes, you can physically set the time on your smartwatch. Allude to the maker’s directions for detailed advances.

How often would it be a good concept for me to match up the time on my smartwatch with my smartphone?

It’s a decent method to match up your smartwatch’s experience with your smartphone at whatever point you travel time regions or when there’s a time change like light saving time.

How would it be a good concept for me to reply if my smartwatch time is reliably wrong?

If your smartwatch reliably shows some improper time, try the investigating steps referenced before. If the issue continues to happen, contact customer support.

Can I change the time design (12-hour versus 24-hour) on my smartwatch?

Yes, multiple smartwatches allow you to tweak the time design. Really, take a look at the settings menu on your smartwatch for this option.

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