How to connect non smart TV to Internet

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Internet connectivity has turned into a vital piece of our day-to-day routines. Fortunately, How to connect non smart TV to Internet, you can in any case connect it to the Internet and enjoy streaming service features and online substance.

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In this article, we will direct you through the moves toward associating your How to connect non smart TV to Internet without any problem.

What is a Non-Smart TV

Non-smart TV, otherwise called traditional or standard TV. They don’t have Wi-Fi or an Ethernet network, and that means they can’t get to an online substance or streaming services features. There are multiple ways of connecting your How to connect non smart TV to Internet and updating it with the advanced world.

What You’ll Need

How to connect non smart TV to Internet, ensure review that you have the following before you begin:

  • A non-smart TV.
  • A regular internet connection.

Counting on your selected plan:

  • Wi-Fi network and password
  • A streaming device (such as Roku or an Amazon Fire Stick)
  • Ethernet cable (if attaching through a wired connection)
  • Consistent smartphone or tablet for screen mirroring

How to Connect through Wi-Fi

Set Up Your Wi-Fi Network: If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network already, set one up and confirm it has a strong signal where your TV is found.

Access TV Settings: Using your TV remote, steer to the settings menu.

Connect to Wi-Fi: Pick the Wi-Fi option and select your network from the list. Enter your Wi-Fi password if started. Your TV should directly be connected to the internet.

How to Use a Streaming Device

Select a Streaming Device: Pick a compatible streaming device, such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. Buy and set up the device following the plant instructions.

Connect the Device: Pack the streaming device into one of your TV’s HDMI docks.

Set Up the Streaming Device: Observe the on-screen instructions to connect the streaming device to your Wi-Fi network. Your TV is currently internet-ready.

How to Connect through Ethernet

Gather Your Equipment: You’ll require an Ethernet cable and an available Ethernet port on your TV.

Connect via Ethernet: Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your TV and the other end into your router. Your TV should automatically see the wired association.

How to do Screen Mirroring

Check Compatibility: Confirm that your non-smart TV and your smartphone or tablet support screen mirroring. This part may be marked differently on different devices (e.g., Miracast, AirPlay).

Enable Screen Mirroring: On your TV, steer to the screen mirroring or casting option in the settings menu. On your mobile device, allow screen mirroring.

Connect Your Device: Pick your TV from the list of available devices on your mobile device. Your screen should currently be reflected on your TV.

Common Problem and Solution 

Common Issues

Weak Wi-Fi Signal: Improve your Wi-Fi signal power or feel a Wi-Fi content extender.

Streaming Quality: Upgrade your internet plan for more satiny streaming.

Streaming Device Issues: Confirm your streaming device is updated.

Screen Mirroring Problems: Reboot your devices and confirm they are on the same network.

Extra Tips

  • Clear cache and cookies on your TV’s browser for more useful internet performance.
  • Regularly update your streaming apps for the most delinquent features and security patches.


Connecting a non-smart TV to the internet opens up a universe of possible outcomes, allowing you to get to the online substance, and streaming services features. Whether you decide to use an outside streaming device, a set-top box, or a screen mirroring, the process is generally easy and doesn’t require you to support a new TV.

FAQ On How to connect non smart TV to Internet

Can I connect any non-smart TV to the internet?

Yes, as long as you have the required equipment and follow the proper way.

Do I require a smart TV for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?

No, you can utilize a streaming device or screen mirroring with a non-smart TV.

What if I forget my Wi-Fi password?

You can usually see it on your router or contact your internet service supplier.

Is screen mirroring available on all smartphones?

No, it relies on your device’s compatibility and software.

Do streaming devices need a subscription?

Some may present free content, but multiple need subscriptions to access premium services.

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