How to do a split screen on Dell laptop

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Attacking the power of performing split tasks, split screen usefulness on your Dell laptop licenses you to advance your efficiency via always working with extra applications at the same time. This feature changes your screen into a strong work location, allowing you to partition it into specific parts where various applications or windows can overlap one side by side.

How to do a split screen on Dell laptop

This article will lead you through the most common way of setting up and using a split screen on your Dell laptop, allowing you to actually oversee errands, look at data, and always study between different applications.

What is Split Screen?

The split screen indicates a display method that allows you to separate your laptop or device screen into at least two different parts, each displaying an alternate piece of content, application, or window.

This feature authorizes you to see and connect with various snippets of data or programming all the while, next to each other. A split screen is usually used to upgrade complete multiple tasks and further develop stopping by taking out the need to switch between different applications or windows often.

In split screen mode, the screen real gift is actually partitioned, and each part ordinarily works as a free workspace. This means you can run different applications, work on a separate workspace, think about data, or perform different errands without the need to convert between different windows.

How to do split screen on Dell laptop

Here is a more limited process to assign a split screen on a Dell laptop:

Open Applications: Launch the applications you need to use in split-screen mode.

Snap Windows:

  • Click and hold the title bar of an application window.
  • Drag it to the screen’s left or right border as needed.
  • Discharge the mouse button to snap the window to that side.

Choose Another Window:

  • Other open applications will show up as thumbnails on the contrary side.
  • Click on the thumbnail of the application you need on the other split side.

Adjust Split Ratio (if needed):

  • Drift your cursor over the line between the two windows.
  • Snap and drag the line to resize the windows.

Exiting Split Screen:

  • Drag a window to the highest point of the screen to boost it.
  • On the other hand, press the Windows key + Up arrow key.
  • Using a split screen on your Dell laptop helps you complete different tasks by having multiple applications evident all the while.

Pros and Cons of Using Split Screen

Pros of Using Split Screen:

  • At the same time work with multiple applications.
  • Decreased window exchanging, and expanded efficiency.
  • Simple substance correlation between applications.
  • Refer to data while working on another application.

Cons of Using Split Screen:

  • Fixed space for each application, possible crowding.
  • Multiple apps can lead to reduced focus.
  • Dealing with different applications may challenge.
  • More modest windows might frustrate content permeability.
  • Some applications don’t perform admirably in split view.

How to Solve Issues Split Screen on Dell Laptop

In the event that you experience problems while using a split screen on your Dell laptop, here are some moves toward studying them:

Restart: In some cases, a clear restart can determine minor errors affecting split-screen usefulness.

Update Graphics Drivers:

  • Obsolete or incompatible graphics drivers can cause split-screen problems.
  • Visit Dell’s true site to download and install the most recent graphics drivers for your laptop model.

Check Compatibility:

  • Not all applications are simplified for split screens.
  • On the off chance that an application functions strangely in split screen, take an oddly it in full-screen mode.

Disable Snap Assist:

  • Windows’ Snap Help could obstruct a split screen.
  • Go to Settings > System > Performing various tasks, and incapacitate “Organize windows therefore by moving them to the sides or corners of the screen.”

Adjust Resolution:

  • The low-screen goals could affect split-screen conduct.
  • Go to Settings > System > Display and select a higher goal if available.

System Updates:

  • Confirm your System Updates are state-of-the-art.
  • Install Windows updates to fix known bugs and problems.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Accidental use of keyboard easy routes can disturb the split screen.
  • Be careful of incidentally setting off alternate route orders.

Check Third-Party Software:

  • Outsider applications, especially window-the-board devices, could struggle with split screens.
  • Briefly damage or uninstall such applications to test in the event that they’re causing the problem.

Try Different Applications:

In the event that split screen problems continue with a special application, have a go at using different applications to check whether the issue is application-clear.

Resize Windows Manually:

In the event that programmed snapping doesn’t work, try physically resizing windows using the intensify and limit buttons.

Run System Diagnostics:

  • Dell laptops often have inherent symptomatic tools.
  • Use them to contrast tools or programming issues affecting split screens.


In the end, split screen functionality on your Dell laptop licenses you to improve your multitasking capacities and streamline your workflow. By dividing your screen into two or more sections, you can work with multiple applications simultaneously, decreasing the need for constant window switching. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I split the screen with more than two apps?

Yes, Windows allows you to split the screen with multiple apps using “Snap Assist.”

Does split screen impact laptop performance?

The split screen itself has minimal impact on performance. However, running resource-intensive apps in split screen mode might slow down your laptop.

Can I adjust the size of the split for each app?

Completely. You can adjust the size by removing the separator bar between the apps.

Do all apps support split screen?

Not all apps are optimized for split-screen mode. It’s best to test them separately.

What if I can’t unsnap apps from the split view?

If you’re unable to unsnap apps, try restarting your laptop. If the problem continues, check for updates and drivers.

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