How to Set Time on Smartwatch Without App

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Smartwatches have turned into a critical part of our lives. They not only tell what it is nicely as a contract with other functionalities like fitness tracking, notifications, and more. Be that as it may, manually selecting the time on a smartwatch can be precarious, specifically if you would rather not depend on a devoted application.

How to Set Time on Smartwatch Without App

In this article, we will step you through the actions toward setting the time in time on your smartwatch without using an application. 

Why Set the Time Manually?

You could ask for what cause you’d have to set the time manual on a smartwatch when it can match up, therefore. There are a pair of purposes behind that:

Traveling: When you travel time regions, your smartwatch may not necessarily in every case change right away. Setting it manually ensures you have the right time.

App Unavailability: Once in a while, you may not come to the committed application, making manual time setting the major option.

Battery Preservation: Manual setting the set time can help with saving battery life, as constant matching up can deplete your smartwatch’s battery.

Compatible Smartwatches

Not all smartwatches allow manual time settings without an app. Before continuing, confirm your smartwatch upholds this component. Most Android and Apple smartwatches do, however, it’s always smart to look at your device’s user manual for detailed guidelines.

How to Set the Time on an Android Smartwatch

Use the Watch Settings

  • Open the “Settings” on your Android smartwatch.
  • Scroll down and tap on “System.”
  • Select “Date & Time.”
  • Toggle off “Automatic date & time.”
  • Tap on “Set time” and change the hours and minutes.
  • Confirm the changes.

Adjusting the Time Zone

  • Follow steps 1 to 3 from the past location.
  • Toggle off “Automatic time zone.”
  • Select the correct time part from the rundown.

How to Set the Time on an Apple Smartwatch

Use the Watch Settings

  • On your Apple smartwatch, press the digital crown to access the home screen.
  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Time.”
  • Select “Time.”
  • Adjust the time manually using the on-screen controls.

Syncing with iPhone

If you have an iPhone paired with your Apple smartwatch, the time will sync automatically with your phone. Confirm your iPhone displays the correct time for this to work perfectly.

How to Solve Common Issues

Incorrect Time

If your smartwatch continues to display the incorrect time, try the following:

  • Confirm you’ve turned off automatic time settings.
  • Double-check the time zone settings.
  • Restart your smartwatch.

AM/PM Settings

Sometimes, the AM/PM setting can be incorrect. Make sure you’ve set the proper time of day when adjusting the time on your smartwatch.

Pros of Manual Time Setting

Setting the time manually on your smartwatch offers several benefits:

  • Accurate time, especially when traveling.
  • Reduced battery consumption.
  • Independence from dedicated apps.


In this guide, we’ve figured out how to set the time on a smartwatch without depending on a devoted application. Whether you have an Android or Apple smartwatch, the method is direct. By following the means displayed here, you can confirm your smartwatch always displays the right time, regardless of where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set time on a smartwatch on the off chance that I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes, most smartwatches allow manual time settings without the need for a matched smartphone.

Why is my smartwatch’s time still mistaken after the manual change?

Confirm you’ve switched off programmed time settings and twofold check the time region settings. Restart your smartwatch considering the issue continues.

Does manual set time impact other smartwatch capabilities?

No, the manual time set doesn’t affect the other features of your smartwatch. It confirms exact timekeeping.

How often would it be advisable for me to physically change the time on my smartwatch?

Manual change is generally fundamental while traversing time regions or while programmed synchronizing is inaccessible.

Can I set the time on my smartwatch without an internet connection?

Yes, you can set the time on most smartwatches without an internet connection. It just needs to get to the device’s settings.

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