Where is the Power Button on Asus Laptop

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Is it true or not that you are the satisfied proprietor of an Asus laptop yet trying to find the power button? Sit back and relax. Multiple laptop customers wind up having some issues, mainly while changing to another device or brand. The power button is an important part of any laptop, and finding it rapidly can save you time and discontent.

Where is the Power Button on Asus Laptop

In this article, we will direct you through the most common way of finding the power button on your Asus laptop, confirming that you can control your device effortlessly.


Asus laptops have achieved prominence for their exhibition, smooth plan, and creative details. In any case, regardless of how unique the laptop is, the power button remains an important yet vital part. This article gives a far-reaching guide to help you find the power button on different Asus laptop models.

Why Finding the Power Button Matters

Locating the power button may seem trivial, but it’s important for a seamless laptop experience. The power button’s order can differ between laptop brands and models, generating confusion and frustration. Knowing exactly where the power button is located can save you from poorly pressing other buttons or working to turn on your laptop.

How to Locating the Power Button on Different Asus Laptop Models

How to Find the Power Button on Traditional Asus Laptops?

On most traditional Asus laptop models, the power button is normally located above the keyboard, either on the right or left side. It is often marked with the universally recognized power symbol ─ a process with a steep line in the center. This order makes it easy to access the power button when opening the laptop’s cover.

How to Locat the Power Button on the Asus ZenBook Series

Asus ZenBook laptops are known for their smart and modern designs. The power button on ZenBook models is usually integrated into the keyboard itself. Look for a small button located at the top-right corner of the keyboard, separate from the main key layout. This design choice not only improves the laptop’s aesthetics but also stops random presses.

How to Identify the Power Button on Asus ROG Laptops

For gaming fans using Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops, the power button can often be found in unique locations that resonate with the gaming theme.

Some ROG laptops have the power button positioned on the side of the laptop, resembling a trigger button on a gaming control. This creative post adds a touch of excitement and differentiation to the laptop’s design.

How to Quickly Finding the Power Button

How to Quickly Finding the Power Button

Check the Keyboard Area: For most Asus laptops, the power button is near the keyboard’s upper corners.

Look for Symbols: The power button may have a symbol that resembles a circle with a standing line, showing the power “on/off” function.

Inspect the Sides: On convertible laptops, study the sides of the screen component for the power button.

Search for Description: Some power buttons, particularly on gaming laptops, are backlit for improved visibility.

What are the Role of Power Buttons in Modern Laptops?

The power button not only turns your laptop on or off but also serves other functions. For example, a long press may create a hard shutdown when your laptop freezes. Understanding these functionalities can improve your general user experience.

How to Avoid Accidental Presses of the Power Button

Accidental presses of the power button can lead to unexpected shutdowns and data loss. To avoid this, consider using a laptop sleeve or case that supplies a buffer between the power button and any external pressure.

What to Do When Your Power Button Doesn’t Work

Taking your power button becomes inert, don’t overreact. Begin by checking your laptop battery is charged. Believing that the issue continues, you could have to look for professional help to study and fix the issue.

How to Turn On Your Asus Laptop

How to Turn On Your Asus Laptop

Turning on your Asus laptop is simple. Find the power button in light of your laptop model, press it, and hold it for a pair of moments until the laptop boots up. When you see the Asus logo on the screen, discharge the button. Your laptop will then keep on stacking the working framework.


In closing, the power button’s location on an Asus laptop varies depending on the model. It’s important to familiarize yourself with its order to power your laptop effortlessly. Asus has designed its laptops with user comfort in mind, confirming that the power button is strategically positioned while maintaining the laptop’s aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the power button from other buttons?

Determining the power button is usually easy, as it’s often marked with the power symbol ─ a process with a vertical line. Also, the power button’s post above the keyboard or on the side sets it separated from other buttons.

Is there a method for modifying the power button’s capability?

Most laptops have a default capability for the power button, which is to turn the laptop on or off. While certain laptops could allow limited customization, it’s for the most part defined to stay with the default settings to confirm a smooth customer experience.

How would it be a good concept for me to react if the power button is inactive?

Considering the power button is fixed, first, confirm that the laptop is properly charged. Take a stab at interfacing it to a power source and afterward endeavor to control it. Accepting the problem continues, consider contacting Asus customer service for help.

Can I use an outer keyboard to control the laptop?

Yes, thinking you have an outside keyboard connected to your laptop, you can often use its power button to turn on the laptop. 

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to turn on the laptop?

Some laptops offer keyboard shortcuts, but they may vary. Refer to your laptop’s user manual for details.

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