Can I Get Crunchyroll on My Samsung Smart TV?

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Crunchyroll has proved itself as a complete platform for anime fans. If you’re wondering whether you can get Crunchyroll on your Samsung Smart TV, you’ve come to the right location.

Can I Get Crunchyroll on My Samsung Smart TV

In this article, we’ll study the steps to make this happen, confirming that you can enjoy your favorite anime series on the large screen from the nicety of your living room.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is a famous streaming platform devoted to anime, manga, and Asian dramas. It presents an expansive selection of content, from the latest attacks of continuing series to a rich library of classic anime markers. Crunchyroll is a heaven for anime fans, supplying both subtitled and dubbed versions of many shows.

Crunchyroll Features

Before we delve into the Crunchyroll Samsung Smart TVs, let’s take a point to enjoy some of the features that make Crunchyroll stand out:

Extensive Library: Crunchyroll presents an ever-expanding library of anime, manga, and dramas, confirming that there’s something for everyone.

Simulcasts: One of Crunchyroll’s highlights is its capacity to supply simulcasts. This implies that you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite anime soon after they air in Japan.

Free and Premium Plans: Crunchyroll presents both free and premium subscription plans. While free users have entry to a wide range of content with ads, premium subscribers enjoy ad-free streaming and early access to new episodes.

How to Install Crunchyroll on Your Samsung Smart TV

How to Install Crunchyroll on Your Samsung Smart TV

Power On Your TV: Confirm that your Samsung Smart TV is powered on and connected to the internet. A regular internet connection is required for this method.

Access the Samsung App Store: Using your remote control, steer to the Samsung App Store. You can usually see it on your TV’s home screen or in the Apps area.

Search for Crunchyroll: In the Samsung App Store, use the search process to look for “Crunchyroll.” Once you see the Crunchyroll app, pick it.

Search for Crunchyroll

Install the App: Click on the “Install” switch to download and install the Crunchyroll app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Launch Crunchyroll: Once the installation is done, go back to your TV’s home screen, and you should see the Crunchyroll app icon. To launch the application, click it.

How to Enjoying Crunchyroll on Your Samsung Smart TV

Currently, you have successfully installed Crunchyroll on your Samsung Smart TV, it’s time to start enjoying your favorite anime series.

Logging In

To access your Crunchyroll account, you’ll be required to log in. If you don’t have an account, however, you can readily account create one on the Crunchyroll website.

Exploring the Library

Once logged in, you can study Crunchyroll’s expansive library of anime and manga. Use the search process to see exact markers or browse through the types to discover something new.

Streaming Quality

Crunchyroll presents other streaming quality options. Relying on your internet connection, you can select the quality that fits you best.

Subtitles and Dubbed Versions

Crunchyroll supplies both subtitled and dubbed performances of many anime series. You can pick your selected language and subtitles in the app settings.


In closing, getting Crunchyroll on your Samsung Smart TV is a clear process if your TV runs on the Tizen operating system. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can relish a wide range of anime content on your large screen, getting the world of anime closer to you than ever before.


Is Crunchyroll available for free on Samsung Smart TVs?

No, Crunchyroll delivers a free test time, but after that, you’ll require a premium subscription to access most of its content on Samsung Smart TVs.

Can I observe Crunchyroll offline on my Samsung Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll does not presently support offline viewing on Samsung Smart TVs. You’ll require an internet connection to stream content.

Are there area conditions for Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TVs?

Yes, Crunchyroll’s content availability may vary by part. Some shows may be geo-limited, so it’s important to check your area availability.

Can I use Crunchyroll on older Samsung Smart TVs with the Smart Hub operating method?

Crunchyroll is mostly available on Samsung Smart TVs with the Tizen operating system. If you have an older Smart Hub-based TV, you may need to assess alternative processes for streaming Crunchyroll.

Can I share my Crunchyroll account with family partners on the same Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Crunchyroll allows multiple profiles on one account, making it comfortable for family partners to have their personalized viewing experience on the same TV.

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